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  • Best graphic design software

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

    Product Features

    • Enhance specific areas of a photo, or precisely adjust overall color, exposure, and tonal range nondestructively
    • Automatically import, rename, and sort your entire shoot; find your photos quickly with powerful yet flexible sorting, selecting, and organizational tools
    • Present your work in dynamic slide shows, interactive web galleries, and a variety of flexible print templates; easily upload your photos to popular online photo-sharing sites
    • Configure your workspace to manage image workflow and presentation more efficiently thanks to support for multiple monitors
    • Every change you make to an image is automatically tracked, so you can return to any state with a single click

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    What says about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 :

    1. I tried the previous version of Lightroom, but couldn’t see much of an advantage over the free cataloging program that came with my Nikon cameras, so I uninstalled it.

    This version is a different animal. I don’t know whether to call it an image cataloging program with powerful image editor or an amazing image processing program with an intuitive cataloging feature.

    Its library catalogs images across multiple drives with an enchantingly user-friendly interface. The enchanced previews allow you to sort the sharp from the not-quite-so-sharp at a glance. Keywording for a shoot can be accomplished in minutes thanks to the spray formatting feature. Enter or choose a group of words once, then apply them to multiple shots.

    The program recognizes multiple image formats, including 180 versions of RAW, and you can covert them with ease. The Develop mode is magical. You can adjust exposure, white balance, healing (for those pesky dust spots)and everything else Raw for Photoshop can do, plus gradients and a brush tool that applies adjustments to certain parts of the image. In fact, most users will not even need Photoshop.

    The Print and Web output features are amazing. You can easily put together picture packages for friends, or clients, or create a fantastic Web gallery with eye-catching templates. The sharpening tool for output has been improved. You will love it.

    In short, this is my new toy and I can’t stop playing with it! When I finish cataloging my slides, prints, and digitals, I will finally have 25 years worth of pictures under control.

    2. Lightroom 2 is a great resource for photographers, combining cataloging, development and print capabilities. The develop module is the knockout here. It’s similar in many respects to Photoshop’s Camera Raw, but in my opinion the Lightroom interface is superior. Though it’s easy to open images in Photoshop, Lightroom’s local adjustment brush often makes that additional step unnecessary, and the saving in file size is significant. I’m also a fan of Photoshop, but given its high price, those who don’t have it already should consider whether Lightroom alone satisfies their needs.

    ColorVision Spyder2 Express Win/Mac

    Product Features:

    • Sleek, dual-phase hardware design offers effortless calibration
    • CRT, LCD, and laptop displays to industry standards
    • State-of-the-art optical science; before and after viewing
    • Exceptionally smooth gradient steps and neutral grays
    • Outstanding reliability backed by a 2-year hardware warranty

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    What says about ColorVision Spyder2 Express :

    1. I am always editing photos and then getting back the prints and wondering where I went wrong. I tried using manual color calibration tools which did make a big difference, but my color was still not quite right. This was so easy and accurate I regret not doing it sooner. All you have to do is install the software, disable any color altering settings you currently have in use, plug it in and let it go. It takes a few minutes going through various colors and then it is done, just like that. I have done this on both my desktop LCD and notebook LCD and they both look great. The colors just seem to have more contrast and detail. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get accurate color representation out of their monitors but don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it.

    2. Getting the most accurate color from your computer monitor is essential for digital photography. To get accurate color requires calibration. If you’re looking for a fast, almost effortless way to calibrate standard monitors, this is it.

    I work on images at home and at the office, using two different brand monitors. No surprise that using “eyeball” calibration just didn’t provide consistent color from one monitor to the other — especially since my eyeballs are getting along in years like the rest of me.

    Spyder2 Express solved the problem in about forty-five minutes — installed it and calibrated the home monitor, drove to the office, installed it and calibrated the office monitor. The changes on both monitors were subtle — a little brighter with more red tones and better skin colors — but the improvements in my images are real. I can now work on an image both at home and at the office with more confidence.

    You install the software, make sure your monitor is restored to factory default specs, then when prompted plug the colorimeter into a USB port and suspend it so it rests on a target area on the monitor screen. Click to start the calibration process, sit back and watch as the colorimeter first processes a series of red/blue/green color samples and then measures monitor color temperature using white/black/gray samples. The software creates a color profile (*.icc) which is set as the default and loaded into your graphics card.

    This is basic calibration — not at the level that professional photographers or graphic designers want for their studios. But if you want that at some point, you can upgrade your software and use the same colorimeter. Installation and calibration are not always glitch-free, but they are about as smooth as anything like this can be.

    Manga Studio 3.0 Debut for Windows

    Product Features:

    • Includes everything for aspring artists to create manga comic art.
    • Familiar interface produces fast results, single-click special effects save time.
    • Complete control over text, lines, word balloons, and page layout.
    • 1800 screen tones included add dimension, depth, and character to your art.
    • Best selling Manga art software worldwide.

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    What says about Manga Studio 3.0 Debut for Windows:

    1. I purchased the mangadebut because i wanted to dabble in tones and inking (which I usually never do, usually I just scan in the sketch and then darken it with a photo editing.) I came to find out that using lines and erasing the sketch makes for a much more clean finished product. Of course, you could acomplish this with MS Paint if you really wanted to.
    One of the main (and only, in my opinion) advantages to this program is the amazingly vast variations of tones available to make your art more interesting. that alone makes it worth the 50 dollars you put into it.

    One downside is that this program, because of it’s many tones, uses and requires quite a bit of space. When I uploaded it on my laptop,it slowed down significantly. So much so that now I load it when I want to finish a nice drawing and the delete it from the computer again! XD

    2. I really like this product. If you draw any sort of comics it’s great. You can jump right in and draw, create panels, and worry about all teh advanced stuff later. My 10 year old pastes drawings that he scans into it,creates panels and then touches up and adds to those drawings with the tools included. A great deal of creative fun, for less than the price of a PS3 or X-Box game.

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 Education Edition

    Product Features:

    • Educational version of the powerful, versatile and affordable graphics suite that includes everything you need for professional graphics illustration, layout and digital image editing
    • Innovative design tools, including advanced layout tables, live text formatting and separate layers per page, to optimize your workflow
    • Easy-to-use interface supported by learning videos, tutorials and intelligent Hints-Dockers
    • Market-leading file compatibility with over 100 import/export filters to make sharing your designs with colleagues and clients easy
    • Trusted by millions of professional users, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 is recognized as the standard design application in many industries

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    What says about CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 Education Edition:

    1. You get a lot of good stuff with this package, besides just the Graphics Suite. Lots of folks will appreciate the 10,000 clip art images, but I didn’t need them, so I deleted them from my hard drive. I also didn’t keep the 1,000 high res photos from iStockphoto. I do use a lot of professional photos, but I have an account with iStockphoto and so I didn’t need any extras cluttering up my hard drive. HOwever the 1,000 OpenType fonts, those I kept and I’ll most likely used them a lot.

    The user guide is easy to understand and the video training that comes with the program is, I imagine, helpful, though I only looked at it for a second as I’m pretty familiar with graphics programs, so I just dove right in. CoralDRAW X4 was easy for me to understand, though I’m an old hand at both Freehand (Mac) and Illustrator (Mac and PC), so I didn’t expect any problems and didn’t get any. If you don’t have those programs, then this could easily be a drawing program for you. Corel PHOTO-PAINT was also pretty easy for me to figure out, though I use their Painter program a lot and am a dedicated Photoshop user. Again, if you don’t have those programs and they are are expensive, and if you don’t have a need for all the tools at your hand in Photoshop, then this suite just might be for you. It’s easy to figure out, but if you need help there is plenty there. All in all, I’d have to say this is a graphics suite that would suit that artist inside you.

    2. I got a new computer running Vista and needed to replace all my software. I had an older version of CorelDRAW and many features would not load properly on Vista. The new graphics suite works fine and Amazon got me the software adhead of their promised date. All is well, again.

    DrawPlus X2 Graphics Studio

    Product Features:

    • Serif DrawPlus X2 Graphics Studio is the complete design solution that makes it simple for business professionals and home users alike to bring their graphics requirements to life.
    • DrawPlus X2′s powerful features and total flexibility make it the ideal choice for every graphics task.
    • It contains powerful, yet easy-to-use drawing, painting, charting, and scaled diagram features–plus impressive keyframe Flash animation.
    • Boost your business with eye-catching, professional-standard designs and interactive web graphics.
    • Easy to import AutoCAD, Photoshop, PDF and many other popular image and file formats for inclusion in your DrawPlus designs.

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    What says about DrawPlus X2 Graphics Studio:

    This product is cool! I bought WebPlus by Serif about 5 months ago and found that so easy, I bought DrawPlus a couple of months later to try making some flash animations for my web site.
    Everyone had told me that flash animation was very difficult to do, but I’ve found it very easy in DrawPlus. I probably had a head start as the user interface is similar to WebPlus which I’d already been using for a couple of months, but even so I reckon anyone could pick this up and start creating animations.
    If you want to create an animation you can just say that you want an object to start in a certain position, and finish in a different position, say, 10 seconds later. The software then automatically smoothly animates the object from point A to point B. You can then get more clever and make the object follow a different path, make it spin while it’s moving, or get smaller or bigger, plus loads of other stuff which I haven’t even tried yet.
    For a quick web banner which is what I was after, I honestly can’t imagine that any product could do a better job.

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