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  • Compact digital cameras offer a slim design, but still come packed with features like video recording and touch-screen displays. These high-tech and compact digital cameras offer a winning combination and have both the function you need with the portability you desire.

    One camera that offers such functions and features is the Nikon CoolPix S710. This compact digital camera is just the right size to slide into a pocket, yet is still able to capture extremely high quality images in high resolution.

    The CoolPix S710 has a contemporary stainless steel casing that not only looks good but also protects the camera. Aside from its size it also offers the standard compact camera design and arrangement regarding the lens, which appears off centre at the front, with the power button situated on top and the controls which appear on the rear of the camera, for easy user access.

    The Nikon CoolPix has an impressive 14.5 Megapixel Image Sensor, a 3.6x Optical Zoom, an Optical Image Stabilization and 3 Inch High Resolution LCD Monitor features.

    This particular camera will allow you to both crop and edit your photos and the addition of the high resolution sensor enables new digital camera users more leeway when it comes to capturing the image.

    The 3.6x optical zoom NIKKOR lens has a 28mm wide-angle capability making it great for action shots and subjects that are far away.

    The high performance optical lens shift image stabilizer aids in reducing the appearance of blurry images, which are often caused by shaky hands and unsteady surfaces, so you do not need to worry about reduction in resolution or loss of quality when using this particular feature.

    The 3 inch high resolution LCD monitor makes it a simple task to view pictures that have previously been taken and because of the wide viewing display, photos can be viewed with a group of friends.

    Another bonus of the Nikon CoolPix is the anti-reflective coating, which makes it easier to use on sunny days when the sunlight is at its harshest. This is an especially useful feature if you are looking for a handset to take abroad.

    This particular camera can be purchased from the online department store where it appears on half price offer. The model is available in an array of colours, including a pretty pink.

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  • Canon PowerShot A590IS 8MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

    List Price: $149.99
    Today’s Price: $109.99

    Technical Details:

    • 8.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16x 22-inch prints
    • 4x optical image-stabilized zoom
    • 2.5-inch LCD screen; Face Detection
    • New Easy Mode simplifies operation
    • Captures images to SD memory cards (not included); powered by AA batteries

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    Expert’s review of this camera here and here

    What says about this camera:
    1. There are already great reviews out about Canon’s A590is. I’d like to add that I bought this camera just before a 2-week trip to China. Well, it performed like a charm and I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase, especially for such an affordable camera that has so many features. On the second day of my trip I was fumbling with the camera and dropped it from a height of 4 feet onto concrete. My heart was in my throat. Everyone stared. For the remainder of the trip the camera was just fine; not even a crack or scratch. I’m amazed. And because I had almost no time to look through the camera manual before I started taking photos, I’ll add that this camera is very user-friendly and easy to figure out right out of the box. I especially like the image stabilization and video capture features. I was also pleasantly surprised by the long battery life. I took about 700 pictures on one set of batteries. Overall, a great camera.

    2. This camera is really nice. I like that you can add external lenses (sold seperately) to the camera. If you are interested in this option, check out the bundle package from 49 St. Photo (sold through Amazon) that includes two lenses and lots of other goodies for only $100 more.

    My favorite features of this camera include manual mode (or shutter or aperature priorty), auto rotates pictures, long battery life, great movie quality w/ sound, can turn off digital zoom, has an easy mode, face detection is cool, and you can add an external lens.

    Cons to the camera include a little bit bulky, slow recharge time after each picture, and that’s about it. I never write reviews but I felt I needed to for this since I liked it so much.

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  • Kodak EasyShare C713 7MP Digital Camera

    Price: $79.95

    Technical Details

    • 7-megapixel resolution; 3x optical zoom
    • 2.4-inch LCD screen displays your photos before you take them
    • Shoot VGA video and also record audio
    • Digital Image Stabilization
    • Compatible with SD/MMC cards to easily store and transfer your favorite shots

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    Expert’s review of this camera here

    What says about this camera:

    1.” Wonderful little camera! It takes beautiful, clear pictures, even in low light. Also, the macro setting is wonderful. I took some test shots of tulips and they were just beautiful! Even on an overcast day!”
    2.” Bought this for my 9 year old daughter and it seems to be a good value. Had some trouble getting it to power up at one point and found that it didn’t work well on regular alkaline AA batteries and had to get Kodak’s batteries. Overall a good lower end camera.”

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