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  • This Gum Wall, also known as the Wall of Gum, is one of the least known (and perhaps the oddest—well not quite) attractions of the historic Pike Place Market—-known nationally for its fish throwers and as the location of the original Starbucks logo.

    It has its beginnings in the early 1990s when theatre patrons waiting in line to buy tickets or attend the theater began placing their gum on the wall. At first people used gum to anchor coins to the wall, but the practice stopped, leaving only the gum on the wall after the coins were taken by some people.

    Since then there have been reports of walls of gum created in various communities across the United States. However none of them have gained the fame (actually infamy) of the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market. It continues to grow in popularity and, therefore, in length and width and height. Read more…

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