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Art Deco Architecture Number Of Stories

Joaquimma Anna April 3, 2023
Art Deco architecture is a style of design that first emerged in the 1920s and quickly gained in popularity throughout the world. One of its defining features is the number of stories it can have, with buildings ranging from one to several stories high. This article will explore the history and evolution of Art Deco structures and their most common number of stories. It will discuss how this architectural style has evolved over time and what architects need to consider when deciding how many stories to include in a building.

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Art Deco Architecture Number Of Stories

Art Deco architecture is a style that emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by its bold geometric forms and elegant materials. One of the defining features of Art Deco is its use of tall buildings to create an imposing urban skyline. These buildings often feature multiple stories, adding to their sense of grandeur and scale.

The number of stories in an Art Deco building can vary greatly depending on its intended use and location. In densely populated urban areas like New York City, skyscrapers were popular, with some Art Deco buildings reaching over 100 stories tall. The Empire State Building, completed in 1931, stands at 102 stories and was the tallest building in the world until 1971. Similarly, the Chrysler Building, completed in 1930, stands at 77 stories and is still considered one of the most iconic examples of Art Deco architecture.

In other parts of the world where space was less limited, Art Deco buildings tended to be shorter but still featured multiple stories. In Miami Beach, for example, many Art Deco hotels were built with between three and six floors. These hotels often featured distinct colors and patterns on their facades, making them stand out against the city’s blue skies.

While many Art Deco buildings are known for their height, others focused on creating visual interest through different shapes and forms rather than sheer size. The Streamline Moderne style that emerged towards the end of the movement emphasized smooth curves and streamlined shapes over verticality. Buildings like The Pan-Pacific Auditorium in Los Angeles had a unique shape that resembled a giant flying saucer.

Regardless of their height or shape, one thing that unites all Art Deco buildings is a sense of elegance and sophistication that made them popular during their time period and continues to attract attention today.

In conclusion, while there is no set number of stories for Art Deco architecture, many of the most iconic examples of the style are multi-story buildings that were designed to make a statement. Whether towering skyscrapers or more modest hotels, these buildings are beloved for their bold shapes and unique designs that continue to inspire architects and designers today.

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