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How Is Space Used In Photography

Joaquimma Anna May 7, 2023
Photography has improved drastically over the years due to technological advancements. With the latest technology, photographers have been able to explore and utilize new elements such as space. Space, or the use of negative space and framing, can be used in various ways in photography to create stunning visuals that evoke emotion in viewers. In this article, we will discuss how space is used in photography and the different ways it can enhance your images. We will also explore how to master the technique of using space within your

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How Is Space Used In Photography

In photography, space is an essential element that can significantly impact the way an image is perceived. Space refers to the area around and within objects in a photograph, and it can be used to create depth, balance, and movement in an image. Photographers use various techniques to manipulate space in their images, and this article will explore some of these techniques.

Foreground And Background

Foreground and background refer to the front and back areas of a photograph, respectively. The use of foreground and background can help create depth in an image. By including objects or elements in the foreground of an image, photographers can create a sense of depth that draws the viewer’s eye into the scene. Similarly, by placing elements in the background of an image, photographers can create a sense of distance or separation between objects.

An example of this technique is landscape photography. A photographer might include rocks or plants in the foreground of a landscape photo to add depth and dimensionality to the scene. Alternatively, they might use mountains or other large structures in the background to create a sense of scale.

Negative Space

Negative space is the area around a subject that isn’t occupied by any elements or objects. The use of negative space can be used for various purposes such as adding emphasis on certain subject areas or creating feelings like loneliness (in case humans are absent). Photographers often use negative space as part of their composition strategy; negative space can help balance out images that may feel too cluttered with too many elements.

An example where negative space could be used would be group portraits where some members are standing together while others are spread out apart from each other –this separation causes uneasiness which forms tension that adds mood.

Perspective And Angle

Perspective refers to the way objects appear in a photograph based on the vantage point of the photographer. For example, a low-angle shot can make objects appear larger and more imposing, while a high-angle shot may make them appear smaller and less significant. Perspective can be used to create drama or atmosphere in an image.

A photographer might use perspective to create a sense of scale or perspective by on one hand showing objects close up or by showing them from afar with the contrasting background which highlights their size. For example, in portrait photography, a photographer may choose to shoot from below the subject’s eye level, making them look more significant and dominant.


In conclusion, space is an essential element in photography that photographers use creatively to manipulate images’ mood and atmosphere. Techniques such as foreground and background, negative space, and perspective work together to create depth and balance within an image. Photographers must consider all these aspects when creating their compositions as each affects how the photo will be perceived by its audience.

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