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Photographers Who Use Space

Joaquimma Anna May 9, 2023
Space has been the ultimate inspiration for photographers from all around the world. From otherworldly landscapes to cosmic wonders, images of space-inspired creations have captivated viewers with their mysterious beauty and breathtaking scale. From professionals to hobbyists, there are numerous photographers who use space as their muses, creating extraordinary works of art that will dwell in our collective imaginations for years to come. This article explores some of these brilliant minds and the visions they have brought to life through the lens of a camera

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Photographers Who Use Space


When we think about photography, we often think about capturing people or objects in a particular moment. But photographers who use space think beyond just the object and focus on how the environment around it contributes to the story. Photographers who use space understand the importance of negative space, composition, and framing to convey meaning without words.

The Importance of Negative Space

Negative space is an essential element that photographers who use space utilize extensively. Negative space refers to the area around the subject in a photo or image that does not contain any relevant information but plays an essential role in composition. In photography, negative space can provide context, contrast, and depth.

A famous photographer known for his use of negative space is Michael Kenna. He uses long exposures and black and white film to create minimalist landscapes with negative spaces that evoke emotions such as solitude and isolation. Kenna’s photographs show how powerful negative spaces can be for storytelling.

Similarly, Gregory Crewdson’s photographs are known for his meticulous attention to detail and staging of scenes with extensive negative spaces. Crewdson’s photographs depict suburban life with eerie calmness while also conveying a sense of emptiness in the human psyche.

Composition Matters

In photography, composition is how we arrange visual elements within an image frame. It is where photographers who use space excel because they know exactly how to compose their photograph with enough breathing room so that the viewer’s eye doesn’t get trapped within one area of the photograph; instead, it travels through it.

A photographer whose work exemplifies this is Edward Burtynsky. His large format landscape photographs capture industrial scenes that are often chaotic yet composed elegantly within the frame. Burtynsky’s ability to master complex compositions has made him one of the most influential photographers using environmental themes today.

Another leading photographer who knows the importance of composition is Arnold Newman. Newman worked with celebrities, politicians, and artists and was known for his environmental portraits that placed the subject within a unique context. Newman’s photographs were famous for their symmetrical compositions, which added to the sense of balance.

Frames within Frames

Frames within frames are another technique photographers who use space incorporate in their work. It is a technique where the photographer includes an element in the photograph that contains a frame or a boundary within it.

One of the notable photographers who uses this technique is Hiroshi Sugimoto. In his series of seascapes and theaters, Sugimoto uses framing devices such as doorways and curtains to create both literal and figurative frames within his photographs. This technique creates a separation between spaces, providing insight into different perspectives.

Similarly, Richard Misrach’s photographs capture vast landscapes with specific frames that add layers of meaning to the photograph. Misrach uses natural elements such as trees and rock formations as framing devices to create a sense of scale and proportion.


In conclusion, photographers who use space understand how powerful it can be when used correctly in their work. By arranging visual elements in an image frame through negative space, composition techniques such as balancing elements symmetrically, or incorporating frames within frames, they can take photographs beyond just capturing an object. They can convey emotions such as solitude or isolation while also providing context and depth to their work-changing viewers’ perspectives on how we interpret the world around us through art.

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