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Unleashing the Humor: The Hilarious World of ‘Keep It Together’ Meme

Joaquimma Anna May 21, 2023
The “Keep It Together” meme has been making waves across social media platforms lately. This popular meme features a simple image of a woman holding her head in her hands with the caption “Me trying to keep it together.” It has become an Internet sensation, as people all over the world use it to express their own struggles with keeping calm and collected in challenging situations. Whether you’re at work, school or just going through a tough time in your personal life, this meme is sure to bring a smile to your face. So let’s take a closer look at the origins and impact of this hilarious “Keep It Together” meme.

Cry – Imgflip

Cry – Imgflip


The internet has given birth to many trends and memes over the years that have swept across the globe. One such meme trend is ‘Keep it Together,’ which has been making people laugh with its hilarious take on everyday situations. The meme takes situations where one would typically be expected to “keep it together” and makes it into something funny.


1. What is ‘Keep It Together’ Meme?

Cry – Imgflip

2. How did the Meme Trend Begin?

3. Why is the Meme So Popular?

The Captain and Tenille said it best! – Imgflip

4. What Makes the Meme Funny?

5. How Has the Meme Impacted Pop Culture?

The Captain and Tenille said it best! – Imgflip

The ‘Keep It Together’ meme trend began back in 2017 when a Twitter user posted an image relating to a situation wherein keeping things straight was necessary, but he couldn’t do so because of an overwhelming emotion like fear, anger, or any other reason.

From then on, people around the world started taking part in this meme trend by creating their versions of the meme with different images and captions that were even funnier than before! The Internet absolutely loved this trend because it was relatable and hilarious at the same time.

The popularity of this meme stems from its ability to make light of situations that are typically serious or require us to keep our composure while being humorous and relatable at the same time. People appreciate humor as a way of dealing with life’s difficulties, and Keep It Together provides that.

What makes this meme so funny is how unexpected it can be; for instance, a person might be in a terrible situation or trying to remain calm in front of their boss or partner, but something happens that causes them to lose it completely – usually accompanied by their facial expressions!

In conclusion, Keep It Together memes have made people laugh worldwide while keeping them connected through relatable content they’ve encountered online. As a result, we can say that Keep It Together has impacted pop culture by becoming a meme trend that has brought internet users together to share laughter and entertainment as humans.

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