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Why Is Art And Literature Important?

Joaquimma Anna April 21, 2023
The importance of art and literature transcends time. Art and literature have been a part of human civilization since the dawn of time, providing us with insight into the collective experiences, feelings, and thoughts of past generations. Art and literature offer us an opportunity to learn about diverse cultures, worldviews, and perspectives – something that is especially valuable in such an interconnected and increasingly globalized world. Art and literature also provide us with emotional enrichment, as they help to evoke empathy and understanding; they also

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Art and literature play a significant role in shaping our societies and cultures. They are the expression of human emotions, thoughts, and ideas. Art and literature have been around for centuries, and they continue to influence our lives today. They are not just forms of entertainment or leisure but have a profound impact on our society. The following article will delve deeper into why art and literature are essential.

Art promotes creativity, self-awareness, and critical thinking

Art is not just about painting beautiful pictures or creating sculptures; it’s about expressing oneself in unique ways. When people engage in art activities such as drawing, painting, or sculpting, they promote creativity in themselves. Through art-making activities, people can explore their thoughts and feelings with complete freedom. The act of creating something from scratch provides an opportunity to exercise one’s imagination while also promoting self-awareness.

The creation of art requires critical thinking skills that help individuals navigate complex concepts such as form, composition, color selection, and perspective. These skills help individuals to develop their problem-solving abilities that can extend beyond the studio or classroom setting into real-life situations.

Literature nurtures empathy

Literature allows us to understand different perspectives and experiences through the eyes of characters that we may not usually encounter in our daily lives. It helps us comprehend the complexity of the world around us by portraying emotions we might never have considered before.

Reading can boost empathy – research shows that reading literary fiction improves people’s ability to understand others’ emotions correctly – “The more participants were accustomed to identifying with other people’s mental states (i.e., perspective-taking), the stronger was this effect.”(Kidd & Castano). By adopting different points of view through reading books from other cultures or historical periods,literature enhances readers’ understanding of various attitudes towards issues like race, gender, societal class, and identity. Reading such works is vital in nurturing empathy towards others and building stronger connections between people from diverse backgrounds.

Art and literature preserve culture

Art and literature are essential to preserving our cultural heritage. They keep alive the stories, songs, dances, and beliefs of our ancestors. From ancient cave paintings to contemporary art installations, every piece of art represents a unique cultural expression that tells a story of our evolution as human beings throughout history.

Literature also plays an important role in preserving culture by providing insight into past generations’ values and belief systems. For example, The Diary of Anne Frank is an autobiographical book documenting the experiences of a young Jewish girl hiding during Nazi Germany’s regime. It provides readers with insights into what Jewish people were forced to do at the time while serving as testimony to one family’s experience.


The importance of art and literature in society cannot be overemphasized enough. They not only provide entertainment value but also nourish essential cognitive skills such as creativity, critical thinking and empathy in individuals. Art continues to expand our horizons through expression while literature helps us understand existence through different perspectives leading us towards a better understanding of ourselves.

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